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Part of our "One Knob Wonder" series, the Skronker is a straight distortion featuring:

  • pre-set 1000x op-amp gain
  • 3 degrees of treble cut
  • asymmetrical clipping.

Designed with guitar in mind, you can also use this on bass or whatever else.

Turn it on, turn it up!


Perfect for people who just want to stomp a switch and annihilate silence without having too many options to worry about. Here’s the breakdown:

VOLUME – The big dial at the top. Gives unity gain and way beyond.

TREBLE CUT – Use this to tame feedback (because this thing squeals!) or if you prefer a thicker, less spiky tone. There are three degrees of cut: a little, a lot, and none at all.

ARTWORK – Legendary illustrator Rich DiMaio (Rainger FX) lent his gifted hands to produce stunning designs for both the Skronker and its equally beautiful sister pedal the Bonker. Why not collect the set?


Enclosure: 1590B sized enclosure. Please note body colour may vary.
Dimensions (W x L x H): 61mm x 112mm x 31mm
Knobs: Silver and black sci-fi pointer
LED: Classic Deiode pink tint
Current Draw (approx.): 4m
Power: Centre/tip negative 9v DC power supply (not included)