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Frequency-adjustable boost pedal with a compressor section and switchable octave fuzz, made with period-authentic architecture. Sounds amazing driving a tube amp or going into a distortion pedal. Turn it on, leave it on!


Remember when the Dallas Rangemaster was like the only pedal in town? Then octave fuzz started showing up and everything was recorded to tape and sounded warm and thick? Ever wanted all that in one box? My friend John did, so I built it for him. Now it can be yours too!

The Psych-O-Candy is a versatile signal-booster, compressor and fuzz pedal, perfect for late 60s / early 70s psych rock jams. Works best as a "turn on, leave on" beast to drive a tube amp, but it can go REAL loud used just as a boost.

The pedal is made with period-authentic architecture. Controls include:

FUDGE SECTION feat. SOME or NONE switch and THICKNESS dial - add fudge to thicken up the sound. Crank the dial for more compression and more volume! Ratio is pre-set but can be adjusted via internal trimpot.

SUGAR RUSH - Set the output volume of the boost circuit. Can be balanced in tandem with the compressor section to achieve desired master volume

CHOCOLATE switch - control the frequency range of the booster:

  • "Diet Chocolate" sets the frequency to match the original Rangemaster for some serious treble boost
  • "Double Chocolate" sets the frequency to full range so the entire signal is boosted equally for a super thick sound
  • "Regular Chocolate" splits the difference between the other two, trading a little bit of bass for more focus in the midrange

SPRINKLES stomp switch - Add a dose of vintage octave-up fuzz. Sounds best on single notes above 12th fret, but you be the judge!

SUCK or SWALLOW switch - emulate that "tape sound" with a switchable lo-and-hi-pass filter.


Enclosure: Yellow trapezoid heavy-duty aluminium
Dimensions (W x L x H): 122/151mm x 95mm x 35mm
Knobs: Red and black Chickenheads
LED: Classic Deiode pink tint (on/off), green (octave)
Current Draw (approx.): 6.2ma
Power: Centre/tip negative 9v DC power supply (not included)

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