Sometimes we take a break from our regular range of pedals to do something different -- weird and wonderful one-offs for customers who want something a little more personal.

These are Deiode Customs.

Highlights so far include the Festyval Wynd, which started off as a special order for Welsh rock band Super Furry Animals, but then Furry fans all over the globe wanted in too, so we turned the pedal into part of our regular range.

We made the FC5 Tremolo for another Welsh band, Fire Chief 5, for which we produced our most spectacular video to date. This one might end up as part of our regular range, too.

And we made the Mental OD for ReampZone, a super-charged Tubescreamer clone, which takes a Keeley modded 808 as a base, adds a bass saturation frequency control, a harshness filter control, and a parametric eq for maximum tone shaping.

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